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At Dr. Meng-Sheng Lin Acupuncture Center, our services and procedures can help to alleviate any number of ailments and conditions. Call us for more information. Discounts are available for Medicare patients.
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  • Pain Management
  • Depression and Stress
  • Natural Anti-Aging
  • Allergy and Sinusitis
  • Weight Loss
  • Stop Smoking
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Work, Sports and Accident Injuries


  • Acupuncture Treatment with/without Electrical Stimulation
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine and Natural Healing with Vitamin and nutritional Supplement
  • Acupuncture/ Tui-Na / Nie Ji
  • Far-Infrared, Infrared and Moxibustion
  • Therapeutic Exercise/Activity
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Weight Loss and Weight Control
  • Anti-Aging, Natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
  • Non-Surgical Facelift
  • Alcohol and Drug Addiction
  • Neuromusclar Manipulation
  • Physical Well Being
  • Stress Reduction

Diseases Treated by Acupuncture

Medical DiseaseDisease of the Sense Organs
Common Cold & Influenza Gastric Pain
 Bronchitis Diabetic Neuropathy  
 Color BlindnessAural Vertigo
 Bronchial Asthma Spasm of the Diaphragm  GlaucomaTinnitus
 Parotitis (Mumps)
 Indigestion  Acute Conjunctivitis Deaf - Mutism
 Acute Enteritis, Dysentery
 Acute Intestional Obstruction  PhotophthalmiaChronic Rhinitis
 Infectious Hepatitis
 Peritoneal Adhesions  Optic NeuritisChronic Sinusitis
 Malaria Gastritis Atrophy of the Optic NerveToothache
 Pulmonary Tuberculosis
 Arthritis  Acute Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis
 Cardiac Diseases
 Thrombo Angiitis Obliteran
 Hypertension /Hypotension Strained Neck

Surgical Diseases

 Urogenital Diseases
 Erysipelas Pain in Planta   Prostatitis Retention of urine
 Furuncle Eczema  Spermatorhea Renal Colic
 Acute Mastitis Urticaria  Impotence Enuresis
 Tetanus Neurodermatitis  Infections of the Urinary Tract
 Acute Appendicitis
 Diseases of the biliary Tract
  Gynecological & Obstetric Diseases
 Shoulder Pain
 Hemorrhoids  Irregular Menstruation Morning Sickness
 Elbow Pain
 Prolapse of Rectum
  Amenorrhea Malposition of Fetus
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 Injury of the Back & Loin  Dysmenorrhea Inefficient Uterine Action
 Gangloin Acute Lymphangitis
  Functional Uterine Hemorrhage
 Lactation Deficiency
 Injury to Soft Structure of Knee
 Simple Goiter
  Prolapse of Uterus
 Induced Abortion
 Injury of Soft Structure of Ankle Hyperthyroidism  Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases 

 Stenosing Tenosynovitis
    of Radial Styloid Process

 Nerve & Mental Diseases
 Pediatric Diseases
 Trigeminal Neuralgia Apoplexy  Whooping Cough
 Facial Paralysis
 Epilepsy  Infantile Malnutrition
 Facial Muscular Spasm
 Neurasthenia  Poliomyelitis (infantile Paralysis)
 Sciatica Hysteria  Acute Infantile Convulsion
 Multiple Neuritis
 Schizophrenia  Chronic Infantile Convulsion
 Intercostal Neuralgia Headache   
 Paraplegia Depression