Transmax 500mg


You will actually Feel the effects of more Energy, Reduced Appetite and Cravings, Better Sleep and Lower Blood Sugar. We guarantee it. Transmax Resveratrol Supplements are the First Choice amongst Health professionals. The Highest Purity, Most Powerful, and Most Efficacious Natural Trans-resveratrol capsule available anywhere. Transmax potency, safety and capsule quantity are ConsumerLab Validated and and certified Kosher. Transmax is currently being used by more medical schools and universities in human clinical trials than all other supplement brands together. Our quality, integrity and experience meet the rigid standards of these institutions.

A premium product can only come from a premium supplier. Experience, resources, and strict quality control matter. Biotivia harvests its own raw materials from organic sources, processes its products in its own CGMP and SFDA certified facilities and rigidly tests every bottle to insure potency. Biotivia is also the only manufacturer to use a patented Oxygen scavenging packaging system to protect our resveratrol supplements from destructive oxidation each time the bottle is opened.

·         Transmax contains no cis-resveratrol, the isomer which is used in many other supplements but which has no health benefits.

·         Transmax is not micronized.  No scientific evidence exists to support any advantage to micronization of resveratrol.  Our particle size is optimized for bioavailability.

·         Transmax resveratrol supplements activate the Sirtuins and other signaling pathways which are associated with anti-aging and an extraordinary range of other remarkable disease prevention effects of resveratrol in mammals as shown in studies by Harvard and many other prestigous institutions.

·         Enhanced bio availability* means a stronger, more effective product and a better value for your dollar.

·         Our quality and purity have made Transmax the world's most popular pure trans-resveratrol supplement.

·         The Transmax resveratrol supplement is entirely natural and contains absolutely no genetically-modified resveratrol and no additives, fillers or compounds such as Quercetin, which block the recirculation of important resveratrol metabolites and inhibits SirT 1,2 gene activation. This is one reason why Transmax is the preferred compound for researchers, physicians and health care organizations worldwide. More human trials use Transmax than all other brands of resveratrol combined.

·         Other suppliers of 99% resveratrol use synthetic resveratrol produced from genetically modified yeast or bacteria to reduce their costs or they substitute cis-resveratrol for the more costly trans-resveratrol isomer in their supplements.

·         Transmax is made entirely from more costly wild natural Polygonum cuspidatum and is quality validated and ConsumerLab approved.  Transmax was shown to be five times as potent as the next resveratrol manufacturer's supplement.

·         Transmax is processed in a state of the art CGMP pharmaceutical plant according to FDA standards in an oxygen and UV free sterile clean room and packed in nitrogen gas to preserve its bio activity.

·         Our product contains no fillers, chemicals or additives; just purified, natural trans-resveratrol, No silica, glidants, oat bran, quercetin or other additives. It is much more difficult to manufacture a supplement without using these additives.

·         We are manufacturers, not simply resellers. We control our product quality from the raw material to the finished capsule.

·         Transmax is being used by researchers in major international medical universities to test resveratrol's potential effects against cancer, dementia, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, diabetes and arterial disease.

·         Our scientists conduct ongoing product research and development in our own labs to continually improve our products and insure their purity, strength and quality.

·         No other supplier offers you Biotivia's experience, scientific resources, and Transmax resveratrol's value for dollar.


Transmax Trans-Resveratrol Supplement Packaging

Formulated to conform to recent scientific studies.

Biotivia is the first and only supplement manufacturer in the world to employ Active Packaging technology to prevent any oxidation whatsoever of our Resveratrol supplements. Both Transmax and Bioforte are packaged in bottles which are designed to absorb and remove all free oxygen which enters the bottle when opened by the user to retrieve a capsule. This is a major innovation in supplement packaging which was developed and tested by Biotivia scientists to insure that our buyers receive a uniquely high potency product.

Supplement Facts:

Amount Per Serving: 500mg
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 60
Trans-resveratrol: Standardized 98% Proprietary Extract
Serving Size: 1 Capsule, Servings Per Container: 60

Unique resveratrol formulation and processing technology greatly increasing Bio availability. Contains no animal products, fillers, silica or other active or inert additives. Protected against Oxisation by Patented Oxygen elimination active packaging system. No other ingredients.

Usage Instructions

For 12 years of age or older take one or two capsules before breakfast. Pregnant or lactating women contact physician first. The Transmax resveratrol supplement is not intended to prevent, cure, diagnose or treat any disease.

Storage Instructions

Keep in a cool dark place or refrigerate. Replace cap tightly after use.
No claims made for this product have been reviewed or approved by the US FDA. Manufactured by Biotivia LLC, 1 River Pl, Suite 1001, NY, New York 10036.

Ingredients Contained In Transmax 500mg Resveratrol Supplement

Trans-resveratrol 98+%-- Biotivia enhances the bio-availability of Transmax by modifying the physical characteristics of the powder itself and concentrating the vital glucosides naturally found in trans-resveratrol.

There are no titanium dioxide, sterates, silica or any other fillers contained within Biotivia Transmax Resveratrol Supplements.