Bioforte Trans-Resveratrol Supplement


Bioforte Trans-Resveratrol Supplement Packaging & Advice
Biotivia Resveratrol Bioforte 500. High potency bioceuticals. Trans-Resveratrol 250mg. Dietary supplement.

The original and world's largest selling bio-enhanced resveratrol supplement. Bioforte contains 500mg of resveratrol, 250mg of which is the trans-resveratrol isomer.  It does not contain any cis-resveratrol, which has no beneficial health effects but which compromises the bulk of the resveratrol in many other company's products.  It does contain significant amounts of Polydatin and the other beneficial glucocides of resveratrol and polygomum cuspidatum.

Bioforte is our second ConsumerLab approved and certified Kosher Trans-Resveratrol supplement and is the lowest cost per milligram supplement of all brands tested. Consumer Lab results show that many brands of resveratrol simply do not contain the amount of ingredients claimed on their label & ads. Their evaluation was open to all resveratrol providers however only a minority of firms accepted their invitation. Of these several did not pass the rigid quality, potency and integrity evaluation.  Of the products that passed Transmax was the most potent by a factor of five times the next most potent product and Bioforte was second only to Transmax and was determined to be the best value in resveratrol supplements. We make Bioforte's certificate of analysis available for you to view. Bioforte is 100% pure natural full-spectrum bio-enhanced resveratrol*. It contains no synthetic or genetically modified ingredients, no fillers and no Quercetin or other chemicals. You can view a list of ingredients in Bioforte before purchasing to ensure you get the exact resveratrol supplement you require and view scientific studies on resveratrol.

Bioforte is the number one choice of physicians, health care specialists and informed consumers worldwide, for good reason. We do not compromise on resveratrol supplement quality, potency or efficacy simply to be the cheapest product. Low price alone does not mean you are getting a good value supplement. You may ask why you should choose Bioforte over other resveratrol supplements and it really is quite simple; Bioforte is 100% pure natural full-spectrum bio-enhanced and quality validated resveratrol. *Bio enhancement is compared to reference standard resveratrol such as that used in research labs to calibrate test equipment and by researchers.

Anti-aging, Appetite Control, Energy Boosting. No wonder our Resveratrol is so popular worldwide.

Bioforte is the Quality Validated Resveratrol Longevity supplement

Superior bio availability equals higher strength and efficacy and a far better value for your supplement dollar. Biotivia has been manufacturing quality botanicals for the medical and functional food industries for over 17 years. Most resveratrol sellers are less than one year old and have no experience in processing critical botanicals such as resveratrol. Experience, scientific resources, company-owned manufacturing facilities and test labs matter.

* Unlike many other resveratrol providers, Bioforte contains no Cis-resveratrol isomer, a by product of resveratrol processing.
* Bioforte is extracted from wild, natural Polygonum cuspidatum and processed in our own sterile pharmaceutical facilities.
* Bioforte promotes NAD and the Sirt 1-4 longevity enzymes.  The National Advertising Div. substantiated this fact.
* Resveratrol mimics life extension effects of caloric restriction through sirtuin up-regulation and modulation of signaling pathways.
* Our buyers made Bioforte the world's best selling resveratrol and the standard for use by the medical community.
* Guaranteed highest quality & strength at the lowest comparable price.  Our superior quality has been confirmed by CL.
* We are manufacturers, not simply resellers. Quality is assured. We control the processing from root to the finished capsule.
* Contains 100% of the Harvard Study human dose per capsule.  The health effects of resveratrol are highly dose dependent.
* Bioforte contains 250mg of the critical trans-resveratrol. The balance is comprised of valuable resveratrol glucocides.
* Preserved in nitrogen gas to insure 24 month active life.  We further prevent oxidation with our patented "Active Packaging"
* No Quercetin or chemicals which block resveratrol metabolites. We provide the purest bio-enhanced supplement.
* Our product contains no fillers, additives or inorganic expanders such as silica, manganese, titanium, only pure resveratrol.


Formulated to conform to recent scientific studies on Resveratrol.

Biotivia is the first and only supplement manufacturer in the world to employ Active Packaging technology to prevent any oxidation whatsoever of our Resveratrol supplements and products. Both Transmax and Bioforte are packaged in bottles which are designed to absorb and remove all free oxygen which enters the bottle when opened by the user to retrieve a capsule. This is a major innovation in supplement packaging which was developed and tested by Biotivia scientists to insure that our buyers receive a uniquely high potency product.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Capsule, Servings Per Container: 60. Polygonum cuspidatum 500mg per serving.

·                     Forumlated from 50% and 98% extracts of wild natural Polygonum cuspidatum

·                     Standardized to contain no less than 250mg of the trans-resveratrol isomer

·                     Bioforte contains no animal products. Contained in Capsugel all-vegetable Vcaps

·                     Bottle is fitted with inert nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation and preserve freshness

Other Ingredients:

Bioforte resveratrol supplement ingredients include Nitrogen gas, naturally occuring organic plant compounds from the Polygonum cuspidatum plant. Product contains no fillers, silica or titanium dioxide.

Usage Instructions:

For persons over the age of 10 years take one or two capsules daily early in the morning without food. Avoid taking if you are currently using any other non-prescription or prescription medicine or over-the-counter product. Pregnant and lactating women must consult their physicians before taking. Not to be taken by persons suggering from liver or kidney disease. Discontinue use if any adverse symptoms appear and consult physician immediately. Bioforte is not intended to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or condition. Any claims made or implied for this product have not been reviewed or evaluated by the FDA. If you have any further questions on usage, you can view the Bioforte frequent questions or contact Biotivia for further information.

Storage Instructions:

Keep in a cool dark place out of reach of children. May also be refrigerated or frozen. Shelf life is 24 months.

Bioforte Trans-Resveratrol Supplement Ingredients

There is a vast difference in quality amongst various resveratrol products. Biotivia is the only US company that harvests it own raw materials, extracts the resveratrol using a patented low temperature vacuum system with an edible solvent in our own facility and processes the resveratrol with an advanced dry fluid bed granulation system to insure absolutely consistent particle size and quality. We further utilize a bio enhancement system which we developed to increase bio availablity of our resveratrol finished products by a factor of at least 2 times that of pharmaceutical grade reference resveratrol. We have over 17 years of experience manufacturing rare botanicals and employ a staff of highly-qualified bio chemists, botanists, pharmacists and process engineers. Our lab manager has over 35 years of university teaching experience in the fields of food chemistry and nutraceuticals. No company that did not know resveratrol existed one year ago can match our quality, bio activity and consistency.

Bioforte contains only bio-enhanced pharmaceutical-grade Resveratrol. Our resveratrol products are made in accordance with FDA CGMP  and US NIH standards. (GMP is the international pharma standard defined by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration).

Resveratrol is subject to oxidation, which renders the compound totally ineffective. To insure against this Biotivia processes its products in an Oxygen-free environment, fills its bottles with nitrogen gas and uses a patented Oxygen scavenging packaging technology which no other supplement company uses. This Active Packaging sysem captures the free Oxygen in the bottle which enters when you to take a capsule out of the bottle. With this system your supplement stays fully active for a minimum of 24 months.

Some other companies pack their capsules with inert fillers such as silica, cellulose and rice powder to 'bulk up' the mere 15mg to 100mg of Resveratrol they supply, but Biotivia resveratrol supplements contain only pure Resveratrol. The resveratrol capsules themselves are free of titanium dioxide, suitable for vegetarians, and conform to Jewish, Hindu and Muslim standards.

How Resveratrol works: Eco-friendly power for your body

An article by Fortune magazine in the US explained how Resveratrol targets various molecules in the body, including the siRT1 sirtuin molecule. In turn, siRT1 promotes the growth of new mitochondria, which are the power generators in our cells. The benefit is that while old mitochondria emit more of the free radicals which are damaging to our health, the new mitochondria converts energy in our cells more cleanly. It's like changing your old car for a more powerful and environmentally friendly hybrid model! The end result is that Resveratrol literally rejuvenates your body at the cellular level. As the Fortune article put it, "Resveratrol's effect or mitochondria may be enough by itself to account for much of the compound's riveting effects in animal studies. In particular, the effect would seem to account for the abrupt Olympic-caliber running abilities observed in mice." You can find a vast number of Resveratrol testimonials showing how Bioforte has become one of the most talked about longevity products on the market today.

Biotivia provides a 500mg pure Resveratrol capsule. Bioforte matches the human-equivalent dosage used in clinical trials and provides the full benefits of Resveratrol. It is also easier and less expensive to take one Bioforte capsule a day than a dozen of the 40mg capsules provided by other companies. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions relating to resveratrol to help explain everything we know about the miracule molecule.